politica medioambiental


The materialization of the Environmental Sustainability Management Program is accomplished by improving services for both customers and licensees, towards which the Área Sur commitment to recycling and good sustainable practices are transmitted.


  • Presence Detectors
  • Progressive substitution of all of the mall’s lighting for LEDs.
  • Encouraging our licensees towards a responsible usage of lighting.


  • Ecologic car wash >Dry car washing in an ecological and sustainable way.
  • Electric faucets in the bathrooms


  • Selective recycling trash container: Currently, Área Sur licensees can use more than 10 different recycling containers, depending of the kind of waste, the objective of which is to channel waste transportation more efficiently and accelerate its future reuse. Specifically, the segmented and duly identified containers in Área Sur include:
    • Cardboard
    • Organico
    • PalLets
    • Pet bottels
    • Glass botells
    • Hazardous waste (paints and varnish containers, contaminated fabrics, fluorescents, oils and muds, batteries).
    • Metallic waste
    • Led batteries
    • Batteries
    • Plastic film
    • Hangers
    • Electrical-Electronic device waste (RAE)

  • Lamp recycling: Customers have access to a lamp recycling point at “Customer Service”.
  • Battery recycling: Customers have access to a selective recycling point at “Customer Service” where they can deposit their used batteries that are so damaging to the environment.


  • Recharging electric vehicles > Área Sur encourages sustainable transportation, that is why customers have access to a FREE Recharge Spot for Electric Vehicles, including motorcycles and cars.



New Exterior Terrace. On top of the original space, improvements have been made to the wooden structure, the gardens and climate control, with the objective of offering a green space that is comfortable for customers. These actions include:

  • The installation of the first vertical garden in the province, which is based over a muss bed that serves as the foundation for growing local plants and flowers.
  • The drip irrigation system used in the gardens represents considerable water savings and the optimization of water usage.
  • A high-pressure water micronebulazation system that, combined to the exterior shades, provide a nice microclimate for each season of the year.



Regarding environmental sustainability and awareness, Área Sur continues working on improving its facilities. Specifically, during 2015, there have been improvements on the different Loading Docks of the mall and the ecologic lighting of the interior parking lot.

The recycling elements from within the mall designed to minimize its environmental footprint have been expanded. There are also works being made to improve the identification of each of the selective recycling elements, using more specific and attractive signs located very close to the recycling points for the internal use of the mall’s licensees.



  • Air quality audits are carried out to assure minimum environmental impact from the climate control facilities.
  • The plants that do not take roots are replaced each year and the gardened area is expanded.
  • The licensees are encouraged to use LED lights in their establishments, displays and signs.
  • Since 2008, all of the mall’s Christmas lighting use LEDs.
  • The use of recycled paper is encouraged for graphic materials for publicity, promotions and internal communications.
  • The use of local providers is encouraged to reduce energy consumption for transportation and enrich the local economy.


Area Sur, Green Mall

jardines verticales

The plans and designs for the Shopping and Leisure Centre identified the weather conditions of this geographical area and assimilated the architectural solutions inherited from previous cultures, as well as adding new innovative treatments. As an inward-looking building, it retains certain Mudejar features, through its opaque walls and spaces with lattices which efficiently regulate the temperature inside. The Southern style!

Since its beginnings, the goal of the Shopping Centre has been to develop policies promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. For this purpose Area Sur has an Environmental Sustainability Management Programme in place which places particular emphasis on the control and monitoring of energy and water usage, waste generation and CO2 emissions.

Area Sur is developing a number of actions along these lines, including selective recycling, free electric vehicle charging, LED lighting, intelligent motion detectors, smart taps, etc. These goals can only be achieved if they are supported and promoted by those who use the building every day, including you. For further information on these services.