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CC. Área Sur y Cruz Roja Española colaboran en la inserción de jóvenes en el mercado laboral

Area Sur Shopping Mall and Cruz Roja Española in Jerez de la Frontera join efforts to promote the integration of young people in the labor market. Their goal is to make easier the transit of this young people to labor life, promoting training in real enterprises where they can practice what they have learnt in specialized training courses.

To make that, both of them have had a meeting where Area Sur has comitted to spread and promote among all of its lessees the Plan de Empleo de Cruz Roja Española, and cheer them up to participate as contributors in the practical young people training.

The Youth Employment Operational Programme launched by Cruz Roja Española counts with a financing from the Fondo Social Europeo and it is aimed to people under 30 enrolled in the Sistema Nacional de Garantia Juvenil file, who are beginning their professional qualification and who have a little experience or don´t have any. These young people get career counseling and a specific training, which is imparted by Cruz Roja Española, and which covers a great student pack which includes workshops in basic competitions (customers support, orders management, conflict resolution, etc), the use of new technologies; food handling; English classes; training in occupational risks; awareness of equal opportunities about employment; and a specific training as auxiliary trade, kitchen assistants, waiters and logistic operators. Theoretical training about these jobs it´s completed with practical training in the Shopping Mall Area Sur enterprises which want to join this initiative, so the young people can have their first contact with work experience. This practice is always checked by Cruz Roja Española.

From Area Sur management "We are optimistics with this great initiative from Cruz Roja Española and we trust in a good participation. It's a positive experience for the student and the enterprise, which redounds on the employment quality for the young people of the city".

Cruz Roja Española, through the Plan de Empleo, offers training, orientation and intermediation with companies. By the one hand, the Institution offers career counseling to vulnerable, with who draws a custom "waybill" to help them to continue going by the correct way of job searching according to their abilities, and also offer them employment with greater job opportunities.