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  • System, called PUDO point -pick up, drop off, is a pick up and online commodity delivery points system
  • CC. Area Sur PUDO point is the first terminal with these properties in all the city

Area Sur Shopping Mall in Jerez de la Frontera counts with a new service for the online users. An intelligent machine placed in the Restaurants floor, will let the consumers pick up their shopping from the Internet in an easy and intuitive way, also be available all the 365 days of the year.

This new ecommerce service, called PUDO, has intelligent lockers where you can pick up and send packages from online deliveries, -like if it was a dinamic section post-, where consumers decide how to organize the shipping in the exactly moment they are shopping.

"With PUDO you can pick up your deliveries wherever and whenever you want, we have a great locker network through all the country to make easier to pick up your online deliveries" A PUDO System responsable.

In this way, Area Sur has a new service moreover it already has for its consumers with the goal to make easier the shopping experience. "We are conscious of that a lot of people make their purchases online and later they are not at home to pick them up or they can't go to their Mail Office. With PUDO System, they can come at whatever hour, whichever the day, park for free in the Shopping Mall and go shopping or visit our leisure too" tells Alberto Acero, Area Sur Manager.

Area Sur has made a great progress during last year in its Leisure and Restaurants floor, also it has increased the number of services for consumers, reaching an influx next to 7 million visits during 2015.